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RITA uses state-of-the-art technology that performs with a variety of EMR systems, interoperable and multi-platform capable.

  • Creative Design

    Modern design allows use in small spaces

  • Add On Peripherials

    Ports include ability to add medical peripherals such as stethoscopes, EKG, Ultrasound and other devices.

  • Multi-Platform Ready

    Cross EHR Compatible

  • Energy Efficient

    RITA is designed with energy efficient architecture.

  • Revenue Generator

    Fast ROI with low monthly

  • Direct US Support 24/7

Made in California!

RITA is the first auto-stabilizing telehealth robot that provides mobility over rough and uneven terrain, goes up and down ramps, anti-tip mechanism all with ease at a push of a lever. Three high-resolution monitors enable RITA to display patient static and dynamic data, electronic health records and multiple physicians / health care professionals simultaneously.


RITA is world-class, state-of-the-art technology, made in the USA, designed to improve physician productivity up to 30%!

"Nation's Leading Physician Productivity Tool" for up to 30% increase in productivity!

Complete Integrated Telehealth Solution • Pre-installed access to “Nations Leading Physician Productivity Tool” averaging 30% increase in physician productivity

• Instant and automated unique progress notes, coding and billing at RAC auditable levels

• Integrated and instant links to virtual scribe services, if required

• EHR compatible

• Easy selection of available specialist 24/7

• Integrated connected peripherals available, including stethoscope, ENT otoscope, exam camera, spirometer, ultrasound and more!


  • Improve patient experience

  • Bill faster and more accurately

  • Increase cash flow by reducing billing errors

  • Eliminate paperwork by automating unique progress notes
    No additional annotation or adding notes after patient visit!

RITA's Companion RADEKAL

RITA is designed to work seamlessly with Radekal, RITA's brainy little brother. Radekal is a physician's software tool that provide effortless productivity while maintaining the highest standard of security and HIPPA compliance.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Seamless Integration

Automatic Unique Progress Notes

Coding at RAC Auditable Levels


RITA's insides are quite amazing!

Height, monitor retracted: 46”
Height, monitor extended: 60”
Width, excluding touch monitors: 18.5”
Weight, depending on configuration: 150 – 240 lbs
Main monitor: 17” diagonal Touch Monitors (2): 10” diagonal PTZ Camera: 1920 x 1080 p, with 10x optical zoom
Battery Life: 8 hours Battery
Charger: internal, plug into AC 120V outlet
Storage space: ~1.0 cubic feet Robot Motion
Control: Intuitive joy stick Peripherals
Interface: USB 2.0/3.0 Drive Wheels: 7.7” pneumatic
Network Interface: WiFi

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